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Salt cave

The WELLY salt cave uses the healing powers of sodium chloride, mostly from the Dead Sea, with significant preventive, healing, regenerative and relaxing effects on the body. It consists of natural crystalline salt from the Himalayas and salt from the Dead Sea. Natural crystalline salt consists of exactly the 84 elements that make up the human body. This microclimate is very similar to coastal areas. It has a beneficial effect on the psyche and overall condition of adults and children.

Advantages of WELLY SALT CAVE

improves the overall condition of the body
acts to calm the airways
helps in the treatment of respiratory diseases (asthma, allergies), skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis), thyroid disorders, immune system disorders
helps with diseases of the digestive tract or blood circulation
helps relieve depression, fatigue and nervousness

Salt caveSalt caveSalt cave

Opening hours: MO - SAT 9:00 - 20:00, SUN CLOSED

Reservation: +42058112123

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