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Massage saloon VMasáže

Let's learn to find time for ourselves ...

 The human touch has long been a healing force. Massage is not only a pleasant procedure, but also a prevention against diseases. Strengthens the body's immunity, relieves stress, regenerates the body after exercise. Come incorporate touch into your life, relax your body and calm your mind.


Regenerative massage - helps the body's natural flexibility, relieves tension and body stiffness
Reflexology foot massage - stimulation of pressure points that are supposed to trigger natural regenerative processes in the body
Warm herbal massage - during this massage, the body is heated by warm herbal pillows, which help to perfectly relax and relieve stress
Chocolate detoxification massage - arouse body and soul, has an effect on beauty and good mood. Smoothes and tones the skin
Vacuum flask massage - helps to draw pollutants to the surface and eliminate them, thanks to this massage there is a stronger blood supply
Harmonizing lava stone massage - thanks to its therapeutic heat with a relaxing effect, it is a very pleasant massage that perfectly relaxes stiff muscles
Lymphatic massage - a gentle massage technique supports the proper function of the lymph, thus preventing swelling, tired legs and healing venous insufficiency
Aromatic couple massage - a procedure not only for partner couples, but also for friends who want to experience something extraordinary together


Warming paraffin procedure
Cinnamon slimming procedure
Rejuvenating mud procedure


after a meal (it is recommended to wait at least 2 hours)
low or high pressure untreated
diabetes, epilepsy (recommended consultation of the suitability of massage with a doctor)
also do not massage places where minor injuries, ulcers, fungal varicose veins, abrasions
cancer illnesses


Veronika Málková - 604 617 441

Massage saloon VMasážeMassage saloon VMasážeMassage saloon VMasážeMassage saloon VMasáže

Opening hours: MO - SAT 9:00 - 20:00, SUN CLOSED

Reservation: +42058112123

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