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Ricochet is a game for 2 players similar to squash and remote tennis. It is played on a closed field (court) with special rackets and a ball.

The match is played on 3 winning sets. The set is won by the player who scores 15 points first. The player must win by a difference of 2 points. If the set cannot be completed, the player who scores 21 points first wins (regardless of the two-point difference rule - a result of 21:20 is possible). The player tries to play in such a way as to force the opponent to make a mistake within the rules and thus gain a point. The match is won by the player who wins three sets. The course of the match is displayed on an electrical device, which is located on the front wall of the court. The number of sets won and the points achieved by each player are displayed here. The device also signals an error in the game.


Opening hours: MO - SAT 9:00 - 20:00, SUN CLOSED

Reservation: +42058112123

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