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Pool sports


Pool is the most popular pool game played on a table with six pockets. It also includes the most common 8-ball billiard game in the world, as well as 9-ball, 10-ball and 14.1 infinite.

In our game room you will find a total of 4 professional tables of the Prostar CLUB 9ft brand. Thanks to its robust construction, used materials and game properties, this table is EPBF certified and is also designed for racing play.


Carom is another popular billiard game played on a canvas-covered table without holes for edges with three or four balls.

You can play carom in our game room Nine on one professional GRAND Classic K210 table made of solid wood and a slate board in a chipboard bed, which improves the game properties of billiards.


Snooker is a real billiard game for professional gentlemen. Its name is derived from the designation of one type of difficult situation on the table and is most popular in Great Britain and the Far East.

Even though this game is not widespread in our country, you can try it on the exclusive oak pool table CALLISIA 12ft in the Devítka game room. This table was specially made for the 2005 European Snooker Championship and is covered with a green HAINSWORTH snooker skirt made of 100% wool.

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