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Infant and toddler swimming

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Water, like other natural elements, accompanies us in its forms throughout our lives. It is an important part of our lives and therefore attracts us and at the same time inspires respect in us. Every newborn and every child has a positive attitude towards water, because it reminds him of the intrauterine environment in which he was surrounded by amniotic fluid. With a few exceptions, babies perceive bathing positively and joyfully.

A positive and positive attitude towards water is completely natural in the first weeks of life. However, if it is not maintained and developed, it gradually disappears and disappears completely around the sixth to eighth month of life. You can start "swimming" with the baby after the umbilical cord scar has healed, but it is better to start this activity only after the end of the sixth week (swimming in bathtubs). In our AquaBabyClub we start swimming with infants from the 6th month of life.

Why choose infants and toddlers to "swim"?

The baby develops in amniotic fluid for 9 months. Intrauterine life offers him a warm, soft and safe environment, when he perceives the beating of his mother's heart, her voice. In addition, his mother's walk wobbles pleasantly. After birth, this watery, calm, dark environment changes quite radically and it is then up to the parents and professional staff of the hospital how to facilitate this change and how best to remind him of his stay in his mother's tummy.


improving overall health
strengthening the cardiovascular system
improving the vital capacity of the lungs
improvement of intestinal peristalsis
strengthening sleep
the appetite improves
almost the only possibility of physical activity for children under one year
preparation for joining the team
deepening of emotional ties between the child and the parent
diversification of maternity leave and exchange of experience with other parents


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Infant and toddler swimmingInfant and toddler swimmingInfant and toddler swimmingInfant and toddler swimming

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