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The fitness zone allows you to work out on quality fitness machines. We often offer you the lack of privacy and the opportunity to train without waiting. Fitness machines are supplemented with functional aids (multiexpanders, TRX, body bar, medicine balls, water bags).).

Of course, there is the assistance of a personal trainer who will advise you both with the use of machines and with the technical implementation of the exercises themselves.


Advantages of the FITNESS ZONE

a pleasant environment where you will not wait for a free exercise machine
aids for functional training
pulley booster machine with swinging pulley
the possibility of using the services of a coach

One-time entry includes: CZK 100
Cardio zone (cross trainer, treadmill, exercise bikes)
Strengthening fitness zone


In the aerobic hall we offer a whole range of lectured classes.

circuit training

Unlike other gyms, it is a freely accessible space. The hall is equipped with a large number of aids (TRX, multiexpanders, flexibars, gymnastic balls, steps…), which you can use for training.

advantages of the AEROBIC HALL

fully equipped space not only for lectured activities
HiFi sound system
large mirrored walls
air conditioning
sprung floor



Opening hours: MO - FR 10:00 - 20:00, SAT - SUN 9:00 - 20:00

Reservation: +42058112123

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